Small Business Saturday at JJWells

November 26th is Small Business SaturdayShop Small

Conceived in 2010 by American Express®, Small Business Saturday is the local answer to the Big Box’s Black Friday and online shopping’s Cyber Monday.  Just think, you can relax and stay home the day after Thanksgiving – Black Friday, stay in your jammies if you want, and watch some football…or not.

Why Shop Local?

So what’s the big deal?  Why should I shop local on Saturday rather than big box on Friday or online on Monday?  Because local brick-and-mortar businesses are good for your community – they collect and pay taxes in your hometown, which means money for parks and roads and all the stuff we need in our towns.  And because small business owners live in your town, they spend profits locally.  Profits from Big Box stores leave your town and go wherever the store’s home office is.  Small businesses also provide jobs to your friends and neighbors, and maybe also to you, and often support other businesses in town, as well.  In fact, small businesses account for about half of all private sector jobs.  Small businesses also bring diversity to the community by offering products you won’t find at the Super Jumbo Mart.

Here’s a nice picture of how it all comes together:


<< (click on that thing
so you can read it)


So What Does American Express Have to Do with All of This?

American Express set out to help address one of the biggest concerns of their small business customers – finding and keeping new customers.  So to help their small business customers, American Express is offering their cardholders a special deal – that’s you if you have one of their cards in your wallet.  If you hold an American Express card, register your card to participate on the Amex Small business site (you have to do this to get the deal, so don’t miss that step).  Next, locate participating businesses (they have a handy map here) !!DISCLAIMER – WE *ARE* A REGISTERED BUSINESS, BUT THEIR MAP SEEMS TO BE … BROKEN….WE’RE WORKING TO GET IT RESOLVED!! and shop listed businesses on Small Business Saturday (did I mention it’s November 26th?). When you do, they’ll give you 2X rewards at qualifying businesses through 12/31/16.

Save the Date and plan to visit JJWells first on Small Business Saturday, November 26th.  Stay tuned – JJWells will be offering Small Business specials regardless of what cards you carry!



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