Me: But, Do I Have to Call Them Booties?


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Them: Well, yes, you do. Because they’re IN, they’re comfortable and they’re SUPER CUTE!

Me: But Booties are, well, there’s baby booties. And then there’s J Lo’s booty.  According to Vogue, that’s IN too.

Them: You have to call them booties – that’s what they’re calling them.

Me: OK, then…

Come In and Check Out Our Booties!


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Really, we’ve got some great…ankle boots…that will look so fantastic this fall and winter with your skinny jeans or wider legged jean, legging, skirts, almost anything you pair them with.

If you are familiar with Eileen Fisher’s footwear, you know they are well made, comfortable and very chic.

So get your booty in here and get your booties!

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