Karen Edgerly of Finer Edge Designs – at JJWells Boulder


Boulder artist and teacher Karen Edgerly has been silversmithing since her teens.  After attending CU Boulder, she pursued a career in environmental geology, but continued to play with metal working.  In her studio at Finer Edge Designs, she welds, rusts, folds, bends and solders her interests into something you will love to wear around your neck, wrist or finger.   Her distinctive jewelry designs are an elegant marriage of her artsy and science-y sides, of rough and refined.

Among the many materials she incorporates, she often uses rusted washers and ‘found’ whatnots that have interesting shapes and colors.  The rugged charm of rusted items, plus the brilliance and refinement of precious and semi-precious stones come together beautifully into jewelry you won’t find elsewhere.

layered-ring rings washer-necklaces