Etnia Barcelona Sunglasses at JJWells, Boulder

JRed-smlJWells is thrilled to introduce Etnia Barcelona sunglasses. We’ve just received their “Wild Love in Africa” collection, sunglasses inspired by the colors and textures of Africa – horn, wood, zebra stripe, leopard spots.


Top Quality, Eco-Friendly Materials

Don’t worry – no animals were harmed in the making of these unique shades! The frames are constructed of 100% eco-friendly
Blue-sml acetate, made using natural organic compounds (cotton and cellulose paste) that are completely recyclable and biodegradable. The lenses used at Etnia Barcelona eyewear are the most technologically advanced in the world, made of Barberini toughened natural crystal lenses. They provide 70 times better vision than any plastic lens. The lenses are resistant to impact, with an anti-scratch and anti-static electricity treatment, and are also resistant to high temperatures.

Wild Love in Africa CampaignLeopard-sml

EEtnia Barcelona Sunglassestnia Barcelona worked with photographer Steve McCurry to develop a campaign that captured the spirit of the line. You may recognize Steve McCurry’s name as the artist behind many iconic National Geographic images, such as the famous blue-eyed Afghan Girl that appeared on the cover in 1985. With the same eye for recognizing and capturing the human spirit, Steve photographed Johannes, a painter and resident of a small town four hours north of Johannesburg. With the experience and the wisdom reflected in his face, Johannes has become the face of the “Wild Love in Africa” Campaign.