Join Us For Plaid Friday

Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) kicks off the holiday shopping season for retail but in particular the big box, national chain stores.  Many retailers count on Black Friday to bring them “out of the red and into the black”, hence the name.  

 A few years ago in Oakland, California locally owned retailers came up with “Plaid Friday” as a way to encourage consumers to shop locally, to “socialize” and get to know their neighborhood stores (like many of us did before mega malls, 24/7 store hours and the age of computers).  National surveys show that local businesses give back more to their community than large corporate retail chains and more of your dollars spent are circulated in your community. 

So sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast at your favorite local restaurant and then come to JJWells to take advantage of our Plaid Friday Special!  Oh, and spread the word “Plaid is the New Black”! 


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