Get a “LEAP” on your Spring Wardrobe!

Wednesday is Leap Day! The extra day we receive every four years to keep our calendar and our lives on track with the earth’s orbit around the sun. Every year we make a complete circle around that big yellow star, and every year we make little changes to ourselves and our wardrobes too. Spring is just around the corner and JJWells is ready with the best new spring fashions in Boulder.

For over 18 years with the close of Fashion Week in New York, Pantone Inc. publishes the Spring and Fall color report for the fashion and home industry and COLOR is BIG for 2012!  From denim jeans and pants  (long or cropped) to bold print tops, feminine skirts and dresses, JJWells has the best fitting, fun silhouettes in this season’s colors!  Come in and let us help you find the right clothes and accessories to help you feel HAPPY and ENERGIZED for what ever the day throws your way!

Want some professional advice about how to incorporate color into your existing wardrobe? Bring those items to our experts at JJWells and let us help! We can answer your questions on fit, color and size and get you off to a bright start for Spring 2012!

Print this blog post (or Facebook post) and save 29% on any one item in honor of Leap Day!

Offer Expires: February 29, 2012. Limited to one per customer, in-stock full price merchandise.

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